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    Are you looking for a Cape Coral New Home Builder?

    Are you looking to build a new home in Cape Coral, Southwest Florida? Non-custom homes have the benefit of using ready-made designs that often makes the building process significantly easier. On the other hand, custom homes are one-of-a-kind and designed for a specific homeowner. As you can imagine, this tends to be a lot more involved and time-consuming because everything is being created from scratch. Nonetheless, the rewards are just as enormous. For custom home buyers, the choices are numerous and can get quite overwhelming. That is why it’s important to understand the benefits of working with a new home builder before you making a final decision.

    Some of the decisions you need to make at this point can be rather complex for first-time home buyers. You have to identify a suitable lot to build the home on, handle the design process, manage contractual land matters, figure out and stay within budget, and much more. Any errors or misjudgments made during the process will not only lengthen the time needed to build, but those errors can also prove to be pretty costly.

    As a new home builder in Cape Coral, Florida we have been through this process many times, and we have written this article as a resource to help those who are considering building a custom home navigate through this process from start to finish.

    When people decide to build custom homes, numerous custom home building processes need to be figured out. These include things like soil tests, land acquisition, building permits, style guidelines, and more. Working through all these issues can prove to be pretty exhausting for inexperienced new home builders, and this why so many choose to work with a Cape Coral new home builder, like Windsor Properties, Co. We have now built over 100 houses

    Before you decide to build your new dream home in Cape Coral and manage the process yourself, it still may be worth discussing your project with a professional Cape Coral custom home builder first to better understand everything required to complete this type of project. Regardless of where you are at in the building stage, it may help to discuss your vision with a new home builder in your area first. Those discussions will help bring clarity and get you on the right track as you begin building your dream home.

    Here are the steps to go through when building a custom home in Cape Coral or other locations in Southwest Florida.

    Finding a Good Lot to Build Your Home On

    Location is central to building a custom home that you will be happy living in and will make it more sellable in the future if you decide to do so. Building a grand home in a location where the surrounding houses are less luxurious and lower-priced could make your home either unsellable, or you may need to sell it for less than it would be worth in another location. The land you find determines what you can and cannot do structurally and aesthetically. Here in Cape Coral, Southwest Florida the vast majority of homes are built in a particular villa style, but that’s not to say your home design has to be the same.

    A key factor to consider here is residential restrictions. For example, most historic districts tend to have specific stipulations and regulations to be adhered to. While you still have a little leeway, the architects designing your house have to stick to these rules as well.

    Other features such as the septic network, wetlands, and zoning should be front and center in the design and building process. These matters can get quite complex for a layman. A building professional or architect will know, for example, that they have to survey the land and determine its suitability for the kind of home you want.

    Some of the other things they check for when making decisions include:

    • The lot size and shape will determine the size shape and positioning of the house
    • Available utilities, both functional and those that may require some re-working
    • Are there structures on site to be demolished? If there are, some planning needs to be done around this. Some demolitions can be carried out without disruption. Some will require access to adjacent properties, and this would require permission from the neighboring property owners
    • Zonal issues and residential area building codes, restrictions, and stipulations
    • Soil quality, mainly its strength and stability
    • The slope of the land: this determines many things, among them total costs of construction
    • Number of mature trees and how much shade they can provide
    • An experienced new home builder will also assess how close adjacent homes are and how intrusive the building is likely to be

    Other things to keep in mind when choosing your lot is your lifestyle. Do you need to build a home that close to your place of work? Or perhaps you are a keen golfer and want your new home to be within easy access of local golf courses. Cape Coral Fl has been described as a boater’s paradise because of the maze of canals that eventually lead into the Gulf of Mexico. So if you are a boat owner, then building a waterfront home in Cape Coral with its own dock may be more to your liking.

    Design and Architectural Development

    The best thing about a custom home is that your options can be almost limitless. You have the chance to build the home of your dreams. However, having too many ideas can stall the whole process if you cannot outline and prioritize the features you are looking for.

    To get started, figure out a design style that you like. A simple Internet search will help you understand the design styles that are available to you. These are usually modern contemporary, European, traditional, and transitional styles. But keep in mind that planning permission will normally only be granted if your home style fits in with other homes surrounding your chosen plot.

    Next, think about the rooms that you must include in your new home. Not just the basic rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, but also other rooms such as a home theater room, a wine cellar, an outdoor kitchen, a home gym, or a home office. Next, take that comprehensive list and prioritize each room. Prioritizing will help you decide which rooms would be the first to go if your budget becomes too tight. One way to go about this is by working with what you know. Think about your current house and the things you love most about it, what you hate about it, and the things you would change when given a second chance. This process should give you a clear picture of what your ideal house looks like and will help when the floor plan is drawn up. Floor plans are the blue print that all home builders work from and so they should be perfected before the work begins.

    Building and Construction

    You probably already know that the home building process cannot begin without specific permits from the local authority. Your chosen home builder will probably take care of this process to ensure the building phase does not stall, but here are some other issues that you should keep in mind:

    Changes will cause delays

    Building a custom home is a huge undertaking. It, therefore, makes sense that you would want to get everything right from the start. You want to avoid making changes to the design post-approval. However, this is not uncommon for people who are building a custom home for the first time. Do keep in mind, if you find yourself unsure of what direction to take on when it comes to making a final decision, the building process should be delayed, as you don’t want to be ripping down structures that have already been built and starting over.

    Choose the right builder

    Your choice of builder will determine a lot of how the building process will go. It can be a smooth process where everyone plays their role perfectly or one that turns into a nightmare. One of the main things to look at when choosing a Cape Coral home builder is their communication style. Building is a complex process with numerous moving parts. It, therefore, helps when everyone is on the same page throughout the process. Good communication will only help this and will prevent a lot of frustrations for both parties.

    Your builder’s communication style, their listening skills, your rapport with them, and how well they seem to understand your vision will help to make sure the project runs along smoothly. Communication is one of our strong suits and we, at Windsor Properties, Co., fully understand the need to build a good relationship with our customers. Great customer service is at the top of our list.

    Is energy efficiency important to you?

    An energy-efficient home means a lower carbon footprint and reduced energy bills. The savings you make might look insignificant at first, but they amount to a significant amount of money when compounded over time.

    If green living is a top priority, then let us know and we’ll be sure to incorporate those wishes into the design of your custom home. In Cape Coral Fl, where the sun shines almost daily, solar energy has become popular with many homeowners.

    Some of the critical advantages of green homes include:

    • A better return on investment: when selling the house, the green factor and the cost savings from a greenhouse offers a higher resale value
    • Good water efficiency: green homes incorporate different technologies that minimize water wastage. House occupants only use what they need, often resulting in lower water bills. During the dry season in Cape Coral this can be very important.
    • Improved air quality, which supports good health by minimizing allergens. Cape Coral, being by the coast, can be particularly kind to those who suffer from respiratory or skin allergies. Coastal breezes tend to blow away allergens. But although that can help outdoors, improving your indoor air quality can only be a good thing.

    So what now, after you complete your dream home?

    Upon completion, you will move into your dream home. Now you need to consider the best ways to protect your investment by preserving or increasing its value. Taking good care of your home is obviously the best way to do this. Good home care includes tasks like stucco washing, maintain generators, pool maintenance, roof and gutter cleaning, and so on. Essentially, think about home care holistically in terms of all actions you can take or avoid to ensure you maintain your home’s structural and aesthetic integrity. Aside from this, ensure you carry out repairs in a timely fashion. Ignoring repairs only allows a minor issue to snowball into something much larger and more expensive to fix.

    Appliance warranties are also a good option. Despite your best efforts, appliances in your new house will eventually breakdown. The last thing you want is for this to happen when you can ill-afford to pay for replacements and repairs. Warranties ensure many of your appliances will be repaired at next to no cost to you. Pay particular attention to the things covered by your warranty and the duration of cover. Naturally, go for broad coverage and the most prolonged period that you can afford.

    Insurance is also worth considering. Your house is exposed to different hazards depending on certain unique factors. A good insurance agent can take you through the dominant dangers in your area and suggest the ideal coverage that you should have. Here in Cape Coral, those who live in waterfront homes, should seriously consider buying flood insurance.

    In closing…

    Building a custom home in Cape Coral (and other areas of Southwest Florida) will definitely take more time and require more effort than purchasing a used or pre-designed home. However, the outcome is well worth the investment. It’s almost impossible to buy a ready-made house that matches your desires exactly. Building a custom home allows you to design and build the home of your dreams so that is perfect on the outside, and the interior design is exactly what you hoped for. Ask anyone who has worked with a custom home builder and has been through the process, and they will agree that there is a lot to be said about that!

    As the experts in Cape Coral new home building company, we would love to have the opportunity to discuss your new Southwest Florida dream home requirements. We would be happy to provide you with customer testimonials, and you will find that our reputation is second to none. We can be contacted at (239) 540-0172, and we can either meet with you at your home, or an appointment can be scheduled at our office which can be found at 814 SE 46th Lane, Unit 2, Cape Coral FL 339o4 (click here for directions to our Cape Coral office).

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